Cliffside in July

Malibu, CA

      Have you ever had a moment in your life when you have felt completely under qualified to do a job you have been hired to do? When Anna and I walked into the rehearsal dinner of director Nicholas Vedros and his then fiancee, world class chef Hannah Hicks, we had one of those moments. Not only is the father of the groom an incredible career photographer, but so are two uncles, and 3 members of the bridal party. It was a humbling feeling knowing that there were 6 people in the room more qualified to be holding the camera than me. All the fears and feelings of inadequacy faded away when we met the bride and groom. Nicholas and Hannah are two in a million. Their love for each other is infectious, and now, Anna and I are so thankful to call them friends. 

     Here are a few of our favorite photos: